Air cartridges for dust collectors and industrial plants

F.B.N. is able to produce high quality air filters for industrial dedusting systems, having excellent long-lasting and top performances.
The main applications are: gas turbine, fume and oil mist extraction systems for welding, sandblasting, shotblasting, laser cutting, pneumatic transportation (plastic and dust conveyors), painting systems etc.
F.B.N. uses only top quality filtering materials, supplied by the best manufacturers present on the market (europeans and americans): polyester, polipropilene, cellulose, laminated nanofibers, microfiberglass, etc. that can be supplied with BIA (USG-USGC) certification or according UNI EN 779 rule (ventilation filters).
We have also available a wide range of finishing treatments like: teflon-coating, water and oil proofing, flame-retarding and antistatic treatment, etc.
We can design and develop any kind of special project made by drawing.

ita-264.jpg Air filters for vacuum, compressors and dust collectors

Application examples

use our cross reference and find the FBN equivalent filters.

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